Life Mantra – Power of Mind

Greetings to you !!

It’s all in the mind. The mind is not even part of the sense organs but its function cannot be overlooked. The mind makes decisions that the entire body follows. It is the decision seat that guides other sense organs.

The mind has eyes; it can see farther than the natural eyes. The mind has a mouth; it can feed, it grows by what it eats (good or bad). The mind has ears; it listens and it builds by it. The mind has legs and hands; it can either take you far or keep you in one place. It takes you by its hand and walks you to your destiny. The mind has the capability to control the entire senses. The mind has the ability to control your destiny.

A shallow mind sees close while a deep mind sees beyond its standing point. A man’s strength is determined by his mind strength. A man with a malnourished mind is a man whose life won’t flourish.

Until you see it with your mind, you can’t see it in your life. Until you succeed in your mind, there’s no way you can succeed in your life. Success starts from the mind. Until your mind moves, the entire body remains still. Until you have peace in your mind, there’s no way you can live in peace.

Build your mind not to see obstacles but stepping stones. Build your mind to see beyond where you are. Build your mind to fathom the promises of God over your life. Build your mind to forgive and love easily.

What your mind can’t carry, your hands can’t carry. Where your mind can’t go, your legs can’t even dare. Make up your mind not to give up, no matter the storm. Make up your mind not to feel depressed by circumstances. Make up your mind to succeed even if no one succeeded and……

…….make it a great life ahead!!

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