Your rights and obligations as an employee

Your rights and obligations as an employee

You are entitled to:

  • be paid the right wage for the job you do
  • protection from unfair dismissal (subject to statutory exclusion periods)
  • general protections of your ‘workplace rights’
  • protection from unlawful discrimination
  • sick leave, annual leave, public holidays, family leave and long service leave
  • freedom to belong to or not belong to a union.
  • receive your wages without unlawful deduction (lawful deductions include tax or any deduction you authorise in writing).

You are expected to:

  • arrive at work on time
  • dress suitably for the job (including wearing appropriate safety equipment if required)
  • work to the best of your ability
  • respect your employer, colleagues and customers
  • take care of your employer’s property
  • follow your employer’s ‘reasonable and lawful’ instructions (that is, instructions that are not illegal, don’t threaten your health and safety and you are capable of doing)
  • obey safety rules
  • ask for help if you need it
  • know what the employer expects you to do if you can’t be at work for any reason (for example, your employer’s policy on what to do if you need to advise you are sick)
  • not discriminate or harass others in the workplace
  • not act in a way that puts you – or others – at risk of injury in the workplace

If you fail to meet your obligations as an employee, your employer might manage your performance (possibly including disciplinary measures such as warnings) or in some cases terminate your employment.

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